Handwriting Resources

A. Handwriting Resource Book  Author: Alan Hofmeister*



Chapter 1: Handwriting Instruction Techniques

Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Write

Chapter 3: Manuscript and Cursive Forms

Chapter 4: Starting Formal Handwriting Instruction

Chapter 5: Instructional Errors, Appropriate Preactice

Chapter 6: Identifying Handwriting Problems

Chapter 7: The Left-handed Student

Chapter 8: Transitions




B. Handwriting Worksheets  Author: Alan Hofmeister*

Manuscript Alphabet Handout

Cursive Alphabet Handout

Manuscript Alphabet with Arrows handout

Manuscript Worksheet 1: Strokes -|,1, -

Manuscript Worksheet 2: letters - l,i,t

Manuscript Worksheet 3: Strokes - \,/,x,<    

Manuscript Worksheet 4: Letters - v,w,k               

Manuscript Worksheet 5: Letters - x,y,z

Manuscript Worksheet 7: Strokes - o,c,f     

Manuscript Worksheet 8: Letters - O,a,d

Manuscript Worksheet 10: Letters - c,e,f

Manuscript Worksheet 12: Strokes - n,r,u

Manuscript Worksheet 13: Letters - p,b,s

Manuscript Worksheet 15 Letters - j,g,q

Manuscript Worksheet 17: Strokes - n,r,u

Manuscript Worksheet 18: Letters - h,n,m

Manuscript Worksheet 20: Letters - r,u

Manuscript Cursive: any short words

Manuscript Cursive: any long words

Manuscript Cursive: any sentences

Manuscript Cursive: any letters

C. "I see Sam" literacy handwriting worksheets  Author: Alan Hofmeister*

Suggestions for using "I see Sam" worksheets for oral and written language.

Worksheet 1a. Sam             Worksheet 1b. Sam

Worksheet 2a. Ann              Worksheet 2b. Ann

Worksheet 3a. Ed                Worksheet 3b. Ed

Worksheet 4a. Mat              Worksheet 4b. Mat

Worksheet 5a. Mit               Worksheet 5b. Mit

Worksheet 6a. Nan              Worksheet 6b. Nan

Worksheet 7a. Nat               Worksheet 7b. Nat

Worksheet 8a. Nell               Worksheet 8b. Nell

Worksheet 9a. Sid                 Worksheet 9b. Sid

Worksheet 10a. Sim              Worksheet 10b. Sim

Worksheet 12a. Ben             Worksheet 12b. Ben

Worksheet 13a. Bill              Worksheet 13b. Bill

Worksheet 15a. Bud             Worksheet 15b. Bud

Worksheet 16a. Dash            Worksheet 16b. Dash

Worksheet 17a. Lill               Worksheet 17b. Lill

Worksheet 19a. Pat              Worksheet 19b. Pat

Worksheet 20a. Ruff             Worksheet 20b. Ruff

For more information on the "I see Sam" Reading Program www.iseesam.com

D. Article: "Lets get it Write." Author: Alan hofmeister


* Copyright holder Alan M Hofmeister is presently releasing the copyright for non-profit purposes to teachers and parents. For schools requiring a more formal copyright release contact the author at alan@iseesam.com